ProWood Specialist of the Year by Deck Specialist Magazine

Longview Decks, from White Oak, TX, has been awarded the prestigious title of 'ProWood Specialist of the Year' in the July/August 2023 issue of Deck Specialist magazine. Adam Brown, owner, loves to work with ProWood color-treated lumber and has crafted inspirational outdoor spaces since 2010.

Meet Longview Decks

Q. How did Longview Decks get its start?

A. I started Longview Decks on July 1, 2010, out of my garage and the bed of my truck. My primary background is in fast-food management, car sales, and car sales management. And when I started to think about the idea of this business, I was in a different business category altogether. My dad asked me to help finish a small deck project he was working on with him for the weekend to get it wrapped up. While working, I started wondering, can mobile home dealerships add decks into the purchase of a home the same way a car dealership can add leather to a car purchase? So, the following Monday, I drove around the mobile home dealerships and began asking questions. I was able to learn more, and what I heard encouraged me to make the life-changing decision. By the end of the following Monday, I had a 4x4 deck built, mounted on a homemade trailer with a banner, name, and telephone number, and drove it all over East Texas. I sold the hell out of it to anyone with a set of ears. I visited 20 different mobile/modular home dealerships within a week, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Q. How do you draw your project inspiration?

A. With the many years of doing this. Our projects that we have done over the past 13 years have evolved so much from the basic standard 4x4 deck all the way up to 2,500 sq. ft. full wrap-around projects. We have never been afraid to just jump out there and take on whatever projects we can to help us grow and get better. The more custom, the better.

Q. What drew you to using ProWood products in your projects?

A. ProWood has been our lumber of choice since it was introduced to us in 2022. The most important reason being the product’s appearance. The dyed color into the treatment allows the wood to keep a lighter, more natural look while also maintaining its color. There are not too many options on the market that can offer this type of product at this price point.

Q. What’s next for Longview Decks?

A. The sky’s the limit! We recently gained possession of a 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse and 4-acre yard. Every year has been an up year for us going on 12 years straight. At the end of year one, we did $35,000 in annual sales. But by the end of year 12, we did $3.2 million in annual sales. Our 2030 year-end goal is to be a $10 million plus company with multiple locations. The sky’s the limit!

Check out Longview Decks:

View the full July/August 2023 issue. 

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