Fire Retardant (FR)

Superior fire protection meeting relentless standards.

ProWood® FR (fire retardant) pressure-treated wood is code-compliant, and UL-approved. Our fire-retardant chemical protects the wood by changing the chemistry of the wood. When the chemical heats up, it emits water and carbon dioxide, creating a char layer to slow the burn, spread of flames, and smoke development.

Advanced Technology - Our fire-retardant chemicals protect each piece of lumber from future fire hazards.

UL Approved - Specifiers need a trusted product. ProWood FR is stamped with UL FR-S designation and ICC-ES report ESR-4373.

Trusted Performance - We're confident ProWood FR will perform, and that's why it's backed with a 50-year limited warranty.

ProWood FR Fire-Retardant Plywood Is First to Comply With 2021 Major Model Building Codes



UL V343 Fire Retardant Wall Assembly:

Now UL Listed (UL 263):  

  1. Drywall
  2. ProWood FR Lumber
  3. Insulation
  4. ProWood FR Plywood
  5. House Wrap (optional)
  6. Exterior Facings (optional)
ProWood Fire Retardant Wall Layers
ProWood Fire Retardant Wall 

2 Hour Wall Assembly:    

Max. Tested Load - 100% of design load.


  • 2-hour rated wall assembly from wall interior
  • 1-hour rated wall assembly from wall exterior
  • 2-hour fire retardant wall assembly now UL listed 


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Species Grades Application
  • SYP
  • DF
  • SPF
*Can be treated to any desired grade

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Certifications & Features


ProWood FR Sell Sheet

ProWood FR Sell Sheet

581 KB

Download (Language):

13892_ProWoodFRBrochure_LR (1)

ProWood FR Brochure

501 KB

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ProWood FR Sill Plate Brochure

83 KB

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ProWood FR Backer Block Brochure

1586 KB

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10514_Prowood FR_Warranty_2023

ProWood FR 50-Year Warranty

558 KB

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ProWood FR Submittal Package Mar24

ProWood FR Submittal Package

3290 KB

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ProWood-UL-V343- Wall-Assembly

UL V343 Wall Assembly

173 KB

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2 ESR4373 Feb2024

ProWood FR ESR-4373

958 KB

Download (Language):

ProWood FR 3-Part Spec Guide

ProWood FR 3-Part Spec Guide

398 KB

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  • Can ProWood FR be used for sill plates?
    Yes. As indicated in our literature and confirmed herein we support the use of ProWood FR in sill plate applications.
  • In what applications can ProWood FR fire-retardant treated wood be used?
    ProWood FR fire-retardant treated lumber is typically specified for use in areas not exposed to the weather or wetting and where the adopted building code permits the use of wood or fire-retardant treated wood. ProWood FR fire-retardant treated wood is typically permitted for interior, above ground applications such as: roof systems, studs, flooring, joists, sill plates (when not in direct contact with the ground), blocking and furring, and other interior applications.
  • What nails or bolts should I use with ProWood FR?
    Galvanized steel hardware is recommended for use with ProWood FR wood. Even though the ProWood FR treatment does not increase corrosion of bare or galvanized steel, galvanizing provides an added level of protection with any treated wood product. The following metal fasteners are compatible with ProWood FR wood and are outlined in ESR-4373: 2024-T3 aluminum, SAE 1010 steel, hot-dip zinc galvanized steel, copper or red brass.
  • Is ProWood FR recognized by the model and building codes?
    Yes. ProWood FR meets all of the applicable code requirements for use in the U.S. outlined by the IRC and IBC.
  • Can ProWood FR be cut or surfaced after treatment?
    Cutting to length, drilling and diagonal cuts as well as light sanding are permitted. Ripping dimensional lumber is not allowed.
  • Does “pressure-treated” mean that ProWood FR can be used outside in place of “green-treated” or “preservative-treated” wood?
    No. The reference to pressure treatment for ProWood FR is to convey the product is manufactured to the highest standards and is fundamentally superior to other products found in the market that have some type of dip or spray-on treatment. ProWood MCA or other preservative-treated products in the ProWood family should be used where protection from decay or termite attack is needed.



ProWood FR SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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UL Certificate of Compliance - Lumber

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UL Certificate of Compliance - Plywood

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