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Rely on Borate-Treated lumber for lifetime protection

ProWood® Borate-Treated lumber is durable, reliable and long-lasting in interior situations. Available in dimensional lumber, plywood and sill plates, each is suited to meet your high standards. Preferred by homeowners and professional contractors and backed by the ProWood Lifetime Limited Warranty. ProWood Borate-Treated lumber may be used for studs, joists and rafters in the specified Kiln Dried After Treatment state (KDAT). ProWood Borate-Treated lumber requires only standard carbon steel or better fasteners for interior use, unlike some other treated products.

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ProWood Borate Safe Handling Information

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  • Are there different types of ProWood for different applications?
    Yes. Our tags will always state "above ground only" or "ground contact" so you can be sure you are using the right material for the job. ProWood products containing higher levels of preservatives are available for special purposes such as projects requiring extensive moisture/earthen contact –– including foundations, pole barns, docks and culverts. For more details, refer to the Understanding the End Tag page.
  • What preservatives are used for pressure treating ProWood and how long are they effective?
    For a long time, CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) was the primary wood preservative. CCA-treated wood protects against all major forms of destructive attack and is effective for many years. More recently, preservative manufacturers switched to ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary). ACQ is also effective for decades, reducing demands on forest resources. Another common preservative is a solution containing natural, environmentally safe mineral salts called borates. Borate lumber has a powerful barrier against termites — even the extremely destructive Formosan termite. The new generation of pressure-treated wood uses micronized copper as a preservative. This method enables ProWood to stand up against termite damage and fungal decay.


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