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Create a long-lasting fence with ProWood

Create your own custom look with ProWood® fencing. Available in standard pressure treated or color treated, both are guaranteed to last and are backed by a lifetime limited warranty. Build your fence above the ground with our individual posts and pickets, or choose from an array of contemporary or traditional prebuilt fence styles.

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Species Grades Treatment Options Application
  • SYP
  • BP

Color Options

  • ProWood Pressure Treated Swatch

    Pressure Treated

  • ProWood Redwood Tone Swatch

    Redwood Tone

  • ProWood Cedar Tone Swatch

    Cedar Tone

  • ProWood Redwood Tone Swatch

    Walnut Tone

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Certifications & Features



ProWood Pressure Treated Brochure

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ProWood Color Treated Brochure

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ProWood Pressure-Treated Maintenance Plan

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Staining & Sealing ProWood Treated Lumber

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NGBS Green Certification

NGBS Green Certification

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SCS MCA 2024

SCS Global Koppers Certification

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  • Do you recommend painting ProWood treated wood?
    Although ProWood provides a surface that is easier for paints to cover, we do not recommend painting it. ProWood does not need protection from the elements. But if your decorative decisions call for paint, make sure the wood is dry before application. (Pour some water over the surface. If it beads, wait; if it seeps into the wood, it's ready to paint.)
  • Can I use pressure-treated landscape timbers as a fence post or deck post?
    No. Landscape timbers (unlike 4×4 pressure treated dimensional lumber and 6×6 pressure treated timbers) are not recommended for use as a structural post because they are not treated for ground contact and do not carry a lifetime limited warranty.
  • What preservatives are used for pressure treating ProWood and how long are they effective?
    For a long time, CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) was the primary wood preservative. CCA-treated wood protects against all major forms of destructive attack and is effective for many years. More recently, preservative manufacturers switched to ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary). ACQ is also effective for decades, reducing demands on forest resources. Another common preservative is a solution containing natural, environmentally safe mineral salts called borates. Borate lumber has a powerful barrier against termites — even the extremely destructive Formosan termite. The new generation of pressure-treated wood uses micronized copper as a preservative. This method enables ProWood to stand up against termite damage and fungal decay.



ProWood Lifetime Limited Warranty

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ProWood Color Treated Limited Warranty

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ProWood Safe Handling Information

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SDS MCA 2024


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PW Choose The Right Lumber Black Tag Brochure_0523

Guide to Choosing the Right Lumber

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