Kiln Dried (KDAT)

ProWood End Tag on Two Pieced of Dimensional Lumber

Tough, stable, KDAT pressure-treated lumber

ProWood® Kiln Dried After Treatment (KDAT) features the same MCA treatment you expect, while featuring added dependability. Our kiln treatment helps to reduce shrinking and warping, making it the best choice for your next outdoor building project. You can rely on ProWood KDAT for lifetime protection against termites and decay, as well as better dimensional stability.

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Kiln Dried Brochure

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ProWood Safe Handling Information

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ProWood Pressure-Treated Maintenance Plan

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  • Why use ProWood pressure-treated lumber?
    Lumber's greatest enemy is biological attack — destruction by termites, fungi and marine borers — as well as damage from rain, sun and wind. Thanks to over 50 years of research, ProWood can stand up to every threat for decades of use.
  • How do I know if the treated wood I'm using is properly treated for my intended use?
    Look for a lumber end tag. Each piece of ProWood lumber has a tag containing information regarding the preservative used, the appropriate end use (i.e. above-ground or ground contact), the quality standard and safe handling instructions.
  • I cut the end off of my ProWood lumber, and it looks like the middle is untreated. Do I have a bad piece?
    No. Most commonly this is heartwood, which is naturally decay resistant. You do not need to be concerned. With the exception of some western species, these end cuts do not require any special treatment. Refer to the ProWood Warranty for more details.


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