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  • ProWood Redwood Tone Swatch

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  • ProWood Cedar Tone Swatch

    Cedar Tone

  • ProWood Redwood Tone Swatch

    Walnut Tone

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ProWood Pressure Treated Brochure

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ProWood Color Treated Brochure

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Kiln Dried Brochure

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ProWood FR Brochure

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ProWood FR Backer Block Brochure

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  • What preservatives are used for pressure treating ProWood and how long are they effective?

    For a long time, CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) was the primary wood preservative. CCA-treated wood protects against all major forms of destructive attack and is effective for many years.

    More recently, preservative manufacturers switched to ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary). ACQ is also effective for decades, reducing demands on forest resources.

    Another common preservative is a solution containing natural, environmentally safe mineral salts called borates. Borate lumber has a powerful barrier against termites — even the extremely destructive Formosan termite.

    The new generation of pressure-treated wood uses micronized copper as a preservative. This method enables ProWood to stand up against termite damage and fungal decay.

  • When is special handling required?

    Our warranties outline specific handling tips.

    The most important precaution is DO NOT BURN TREATED WOOD. When pressure-treated wood is burned, the preservative chemicals concentrate in the ash and may be inadvertently inhaled. Wear gloves when handling treated lumber, and always wear safety goggles and a dust mask when sawing or cutting treated lumber, just as you would with untreated lumber.

  • In what applications can ProWood FR fire-retardant treated wood be used?
    ProWood FR fire-retardant treated lumber is typically specified for use in areas not exposed to the weather or wetting and where the adopted building code permits the use of wood or fire-retardant treated wood. ProWood FR fire-retardant treated wood is typically permitted for interior, above ground applications such as: roof systems, studs, flooring, joists, sill plates (when not in direct contact with the ground), blocking and furring, and other interior applications.



ProWood Builder and Spec Guide

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ProWood Lifetime Limited Warranty

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ProWood Color Treated Limited Warranty

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ProWood FR 50-Year Warranty

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SDS MCA 2024


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ProWood Borate Safe Handling Information

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ProWood FR SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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