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Enhance Your Project with ProWood Railing

Complete your project with durable, functional and dependable railing options from ProWood®. Design your railing to match your existing or new deck with multiple options of balusters, posts and handrails. Each of our railing components are pressure treated with our MCA technology, protecting the wood against rot, decay and insects.

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Species Grades Treatment Options Application
  • SYP

Color Options

  • ProWood Pressure Treated Swatch

    Pressure Treated

  • ProWood Redwood Tone Swatch

    Redwood Tone

  • ProWood Cedar Tone Swatch

    Cedar Tone

  • ProWood Redwood Tone Swatch

    Walnut Tone

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ProWood Color Treated Brochure

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ProWood Pressure Treated Brochure

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Kiln Dried Brochure

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ProWood Builder and Spec Guide

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ProWood Pressure-Treated Maintenance Plan

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How to Build a Classic Railing System

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  • When should I apply wood sealer to pressure-treated lumber decking?

    Climate change will affect when and how often wood sealer needs to be applied. To maximize surface protection and to keep your deck looking good, apply a quality wood sealant that contains an ultraviolet stabilizer.

    Know when to apply a wood sealer by dripping water onto the deck surface. If the water quickly absorbs into the wood it's time to apply a wood sealer — If the water droplets bead up, your deck is protected. Be sure to test annually.

  • Is ProWood pressure-treated wood Building Code approved?
    You should always consult your local building codes before application. When working with ProWood pressure-treated decking, lumber and timbers, you'll want to locate the double box symbol on the end tag. The double-box symbol is required for building code compliance; indicating the standard authority and the third party inspection agencies. Generally, ProWood decking, lumber and timber products will carry the double box symbol demonstrating that they are code compliant when used in the right application.
  • Why use ProWood pressure-treated lumber?
    Lumber's greatest enemy is biological attack — destruction by termites, fungi and marine borers — as well as damage from rain, sun and wind. Thanks to over 50 years of research, ProWood can stand up to every threat for decades of use.



ProWood Lifetime Limited Warranty

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ProWood Color Treated Limited Warranty

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ProWood Safe Handling Information

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