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Guide to Choosing the Right Lumber

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ProWood Pressure Treated Brochure

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ProWood Builder and Spec Guide

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Staining & Sealing ProWood Treated Lumber

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ProWood Pressure-Treated Maintenance Plan

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ProWood FR 50-Year Warranty

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ProWood Safe Handling Information

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ProWood SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

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ProWood ESR-2240

ProWood ESR-2240

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  • Why use ProWood pressure-treated lumber?
    Lumber's greatest enemy is biological attack — destruction by termites, fungi and marine borers — as well as damage from rain, sun and wind. Thanks to over 50 years of research, ProWood can stand up to every threat for decades of use.
  • How do I know if the treated wood I'm using is properly treated for my intended use?
    Look for a lumber end tag. Each piece of ProWood lumber has a tag containing information regarding the preservative used, the appropriate end use (i.e. above-ground or ground contact), the quality standard and safe handling instructions.
  • Can I use pressure-treated landscape timbers as a fence post or deck post?
    No. Landscape timbers (unlike 4×4 pressure-treated dimensional lumber and 6×6 pressure-treated timbers) are not recommended for use as a structural post because they are not treated for ground contact and do not carry a lifetime limited warranty.


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