Building a Resilient Future with ProWood

As the largest lumber pressure-treater in the world, ProWood helps extend the life of wood products by shielding them from decay and termite infestation, using environmentally safe protective solutions.

The Resilience of Pressure-Treated Lumber

Resilience is a driving force in modern construction practices. ProWood, a leading provider of pressure-treated lumber, has emerged as a key player in the construction industry, offering environmentally preferred and durable solutions for commercial and residential structures.

1. Durability

Pressure-treated lumber has a prolonged lifespan compared to untreated wood, reducing the need for frequent replacements. The durability factor benefits construction projects and aligns with a more environmentally preferred approach to resource utilization.

2. Resistance to Environmental Factors

ProWood's pressure-treated lumber exhibits remarkable resilience against harsh weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications. Whether it's rain, snow, or sunlight, this lumber remains resistant to decay, maintaining its structural integrity over time.

3. Eco-Conscious Wood Process

ProWood was the pioneer in obtaining Environmentally Preferable Product certification from Scientific Certification Systems for our MCA (Micronized Copper Azole) treatment, making us the first to achieve this recognition. It enhances the lumber's resistance to decay, rot, and insect damage while ensuring that the lumber maintains its strength and longevity, further contributing to its eco-conscious profile. Plus, wood typically requires less energy to work with than most other raw materials.

ProWood's pressure-treated lumber is a valuable asset in sustainable construction. Its durability, resistance to environmental factors, sustainable wood process, and reduced maintenance requirements make it a smart choice for builders and architects dedicated to creating eco-conscious and long-lasting structures. With this lumber, we can reduce the environmental footprint of construction and contribute to a more resilient and responsibly built environment.

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