ProWood® Treated Products

Nothing Else
Makes the Cut.

"Truly a cut above in every way.
ProWood is what the pros use."

Jason Cameron
Licensed Contractor and Host of DIY Network's
Desperate Landscapes and Man Caves

For performance. For versatility. For superior durability. There is nothing like ProWood® lumber and products from Universal Forest Products. The pros know it. So do do-it-yourselfers everywhere.

ProWood Dura Color®

Color that lasts.

Dura Color doesn't use a topical finish or stain that quickly fades away. Dura Color lumber employs in-solution colorant that penetrates the wood during the pressure-treating process.

Treated Lumber

ProWood Dura Color®

Dura Color lumber is color-infused during the pressure-treating process. Pigment is driven deep into the wood fibers, creating beauty that's guaranteed to withstand the elements year after year.
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Treated Lumber

ProWood KDAT

KDAT is kiln-dried treated lumber that helps eliminate the headaches of shrinkage, warping and cupping while accepting stain, sealant and paint immediately. Easier to cut, handle and install, you'll work like a pro every time.
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Treated Lumber

Pressure Treated

ProWood pressure treated lumber is available in a variety of options and can be used for an array of interior and exterior applications. Choose ProWood for the brand you can trust for a lifetime.
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Treated Lumber

ProWood Sill Plate

Sill plate treated lumber has the proven power of borates to stop termites and decay. Compatible with carbon steel (black iron) fasteners, Sill plate lumber has earned an array of green certifications.
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Treated Lumber

ProWood Borate

Borate treated lumber stops even the dreaded Formosan super termite in its tracks. Its borate-based formula protects the environment and keeps these wood-eating invaders at bay.
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