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Is it Safe to Use a Fire Pit on My Deck?

Posted 15 November 2022 3:09 PM by ProWood

Nothing better than sitting by the fire, surrounded by friends and s’mores. But is your fire pit located in a safe place? If it is on your deck, take the correct precautions so you can enjoy it all year long.

Recommended Actions:

1. Check your local codes for residential rules; some counties restrict open flames. Additionally, check your local zoning ordinances to ensure your fire pit is placed a safe distance from your house; at least 20-25 feet away from your house or combustible structure.

2. Clear your deck of low-hanging tree branches, plants, and other debris that could catch fire from flying embers. Typically, fire pits need a minimum of 3 feet of clearance on each side and 6 feet above. 

3. Avoid placing your fire pit directly on your deck because it may generate enough heat to burn the boards. Protect your deck with either an elevated fire pit or place a heat-resistant fire mat (or a small grid of pavers) between your fire pit and your deck.

Fire Pro Tips:

  • Do NOT use your fire pit to fry or smoke food on your deck. It is best to position it away from the wooden structure.
  • Avoid lighting fireworks on/near your deck or other outdoor wooden structures.
  • Be aware of the wind direction and flame height (avoid having an open flame- embers and sparks tend to travel)
  • Always keep water nearby.
  • Do NOT use pressure-treated lumber as firewood.
  • If you have an awning over your deck, consider a fire pit with a lower BTU output to ensure you have the proper overhead clearance.
  • Invest in a spark screen to protect against flying sparks from damaging your deck and its surroundings.
  • Have a poker tool available to easily control the logs and flames.

Enjoy these colder months with friends by taking the correct precautions when choosing the location for your fire pit. With ProWood, we strive to offer quality treated lumber and educate with safety material. (Check out more safety tips!) Never settle! 




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