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Should I Paint My Wood Deck?

Posted 28 July 2022 3:24 PM by ProWood

Although Pinterest and several DIY influencers show projects that involve painting a wood deck, we never see what it looks like after a few months in Mother Nature. Cracking, peeling, and flaking can occur due to the boards constantly expanding and contracting with the natural pattern of the weather. Eventually, the paint will bubble or chip and need repair. 


Why Won’t Paint Last?

Painting a deck requires a lot of time and labor, and it demands more to maintain every year. Paint is not a long-term solution because it does not soak into the wood when applied but only coats the surface. The temperature and weather change throughout the year, and the paint-coated surface is not flexible enough to adapt.


What is an Alternative Option?

A great, maintainable way to add color to your wood deck is with a semi-transparent stain and water-resistant sealer. Unlike paint, deck stain penetrates deep into the wood and offers a protective, flexible barrier from the weather. Instead of reapplying paint multiple times a year, you can stain and seal your deck once every two years to maintain a durable surface.

We at ProWood® do not recommend painting your deck but instead applying a semi-transparent stain/sealer for long-lasting performance. To make it easier, ProWood offers color-treated lumber options to cut down your maintenance time since our color penetrates deep into the wood.


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