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Fall Maintenance For Your Deck and Porch

Posted 9 September 2021 1:25 PM by Jase DeBoer

With the arrival of fall, the temperature starts to drop and the air becomes crisper. Leaves change in color to vibrant reds, yellows and oranges. Soon enough, those leaves will start falling, landing in your yard and on your deck. ProWood® is built to last, and we want to share a few fall maintenance tips to keep your deck looking as good as new this season.

  • Keep leaves, seedpods and sticks off your deck by raking, sweeping or leaf blowing on a regular basis. Leaves and other debris collected and left on your deck may create an unsightly stain, especially if rain or heavy dew is common. (This applies to any surface.)
  • Mums on a front porch seem to signify the start of fall, but be sure to remove potted plants before the end of the season. Moisture can get trapped underneath the pot and mold and mildew may develop. If mold is present on your treated lumber surface, use mild soap and water to clean the area.
  • Remove and store any outdoor rugs, as snow and moisture can become trapped underneath, potentially damaging your wood. 
  • When and how often you need to apply a wood sealer depends on your region and climate. You'll know when to apply it by dripping water onto the deck surface. If the water quickly absorbs, it's time to reapply a wood sealer. We recommend applying a sealant that contains an ultraviolet stabilizer.
  • We're all about decorating your deck for the holidays but be mindful of the décor. A pumpkin for Halloween has the potential to harm your deck if it starts to rot and create moisture. The residue from the pumpkin can stain the surface of the boards.
  • Inspect your deck. Check for loose screws and test the sturdiness of your handrails. Make adjustments and repairs if needed. You’ll want to replace any damaged boards during this time. 
  • If major repairs are required, schedule before the snow arrives or for the upcoming spring. Many contractors are booking into the next season, so getting on their schedule now is essential. 

Keeping your deck in good, working condition throughout the fall is easy with a bit of care. If you need further tips on how to maintain your deck or porch year-round, view our care and maintenance page. 

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