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How to Build an Outdoor Storage Box

Posted 20 November 2021 12:59 AM by Jase DeBoer

If you’re a homeowner, you may find yourself needing outdoor storage for various needs. Whether that be pool supplies, animal feed, toys or gardening essentials, this box is large enough to fit a 55-gallon storage tub.

 outdoor storage box for animal feed outdoor storage solution for pool supplies

Completely Customizable
This particular project plan was built with 1” x 6” boards; however, if you wish to build with 2” x 4” or 1'' x 8” boards, that adjustment can be made easily. Whatever board size you choose to use, you can easily find them at your local lumber yard or home center. 

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We customized this box by adding beveled edges and staining the interior frame. However, both steps are optional. Feel free to stain the box to match your deck or fence, or leave the exterior boards as-is to save time.
Detailed  corner of PW outdoor storage solution

Get Busy Building
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