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Build or Buy Your Outdoor Playset

Posted 18 November 2021 1:08 PM by Jase DeBoer

With extended time at home, parents may be considering adding a playset to their backyard as a way to entertain the littles. Many large home centers sell kitted playsets; however, there are many upsides to building your own from scratch. We have a free playset project plan and the resources to get you started.

[Download Free Playset Project Plan]

 ProWood Cedar-tone playset in a backyard.

Quality Control
While playset kits come with precut lumber, important information regarding treatment type, quality and rating may not be available. When you purchase dimensional lumber, each piece is labeled with an end tag, giving you peace of mind knowing the standards and application for that lumber. Being able to choose between above-ground or ground contact lumber where appropriate can help your playset last longer than traditional kitted options.

[Choosing the Right Lumber for Your Project]

Built to Suit Your Needs
While playset kits come as-is, you may be purchasing more or less than what’s needed for your family. You may find yourself adding components after assembling too. Typically, altering the original kit voids any warranty from the manufacturer. However, building your own playset gives you the allowance to purchase exactly what you need and customize as you’d like in the future. If you’d like your playset to match your current deck or fence, you can build with color-treated lumber in cedar, redwood and walnut tone.

Cost Savings
Most kitted playsets have a hefty markup for the convenience of having your lumber precut and predrilled. Kits come unassembled, so you’re still building a playset from the ground up either way. The time it takes to cut lumber and predrill holes can take a bit of time, but the cost savings can make the extra effort well worth it.

[Where to Buy ProWood Lumber]

Unbeatable Warranty
Most playsets offer a warranty of around five years. However, ProWood is warranted against rot, decay and termite damage for as long as you own it. Ready to build? Download our free playset project plan to get started! 


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