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How to Build a Mailbox Snow Plow Shield

Posted 16 December 2021 8:34 PM by Jase DeBoer

If snow is falling,  snow plows are on the roads. Moving at high speeds, these large vehicles can easily take out your mailbox in an instant. Installing a mailbox snow plow shield will protect you from having to replace your broken mailbox in the dead of winter when the ground is frozen and unmanageable. 

Why Do I Need a Mailbox Snow Plow Shield?
If you live in an area with regular snowfall, or if you simply want a decorative house number display, a snow plow shield can serve multiple purposes. You can add solar post caps to your mailbox snow plow shield’s posts, use composite deck boards for the face in lieu of lumber, add a flag pole attachment, etc. 

ProWood Color treated snow plow shield

When Should I Install One?
Ideally, before the ground freezes is the best time to install your mailbox snow plow shield. Check to see where the frost line is in your state. You may have to make adjustments to the overall length of the shield, as well as the installation depth. 

What Else Can it Be Used For?
You can modify the overall width of this plan to create the following other projects:

  • House number sign
  • A panel to conceal your trash can, AC unit, or other unsightly outdoor items
  • Stand for your garden hose reel with the use of a wall-mounted attachment (especially handy if you have a home made of brick or stucco)






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