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What is Color-Treated Lumber?

Posted 21 April 2021 5:33 PM by Jase DeBoer

As you plan your building project, you may come across a handful of unfamiliar terms and classifications of lumber. There are many types of lumber, from pressure treated to heat treated. You also may have heard of “color-treated” or “color-infused” lumber. What exactly is color-treated lumber, and how does it differ from other lumber options?

A Patented Process

The color treatment process occurs as the wood is pressure treated. Our in-solution colorant penetrates the wood deep beyond the surface. This color treatment process produces a lumber product that does not require regular staining. While typical cedar and redwood timbers fade naturally over the first few years, color-treated lumber is guaranteed to not fade.

A side-by-side comparison of a real cedar panel (left) and a ProWood Color Treated panel (right) after two years of outdoor exposure
A side-by-side comparison of a real cedar panel (left) and a ProWood Color Treated panel (right) after two years of outdoor exposure

Is it Safe?

Our colorant is EPA-registered and safe for handling and use. Our preservative technology has earned several green certifications, such as the NGBS Green Certification, GREENGUARD Gold Certification and Environmentally Preferable Product status. Technically, our color-treated lumber may be used indoors; however, we do not recommend that it be used for cutting boards, countertops or anywhere that food may be prepared. The colorant contains iron particles, which are common in everyday items.

Where Can I Use it?

ProWood Color-Treated lumber is approved for any of your outdoor building projects that would typically use regular green pressure-treated lumber. We recommend using your color-treated lumber in correspondence with the end tag. Take into consideration the time that you’ll save; the annual chore of staining your deck, railing, fence or pergola is now a thing of the past. With three color-treatment options (cedar tone, redwood tone and walnut tone), there’s guaranteed to be a color that suits your personal preference.

This ProWood Color Treated pergola is guaranteed to last, year after year
Cleaning your deck to remove dirt and stains can be done on a regular basis

Pergolas, decks, railing, fencing and more... color-treated lumber is an ideal choice for any outdoor space that you desire long-lasting color. Ready to move forward with your project? Order a free sample today!


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