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A Job Well Done … Tips to Remember for Excellent Customer Service

Posted 15 July 2019 2:04 PM by Jase DeBoer

Contractor sawing a piece of lumber. Building season is officially in full swing, and while it’s your busiest time of year, your job isn’t done after that deck, patio, fence, pergola or anything in-between has been built. Going the extra mile for your customer can be the key to having a successful company. After all, word of mouth travels fast with homeowners, and you’ll want to be known as the contractor that goes above and beyond for their customer.

Tips to Remember

Establish Connections:
After your build is done, following up with the customer one to two weeks later is a great way to show them their business is important and appreciated – it’s more than just completing the job.
Word-of-mouth referrals go a long way. Satisfied homeowners will often praise your work to neighbors, friends, family or coworkers.

All In:
Package up literature and materials for the homeowner. This may include:

  • Your business card 
  • Product receipts 
  • Product end tags 
  • Installation/services receipt
  • Material maintenance program (cleaning information) 

Having all of the purchased information gathered into one folder makes it easy for the homeowner to contact you for a future build or, if necessary, submit a warranty claim on the product from the manufacturer.

Your job isn't done after the project is complete. Having exceptional customer service throughout the building process, which extends after the build, will set you apart from the competition.





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