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How to Build a Chevron Privacy Panel

Posted 3 October 2019 4:18 PM by Jase DeBoer

ProWood chevron privacy panelIf you're looking for ways to incorporate more privacy into your outdoor space, a chevron privacy panel is the perfect way to go. A privacy panel is surprisingly easy to build and can be completed within one Saturday afternoon. With these simple steps, you can create the ideal privacy panel for your backyard.

What you'll need: 
  • 24 x 1x6x8' Pressure-treated boards 
  • 2 x 4x4x8' Pressure-treated posts 
  • 3 x 2x4x6' Pressure-treated boards 
  • 4 x Stamped brackets 
  • Deck screws 
  • Chop saw 
  • Circular saw 
  • Cordless drill 
  • Nail gun 
  • Chalk line 
  1. Begin by cutting a 30-degree angle on the end of all your 1x6 boards. 
  2. Attach your top rail 1" from the top of the posts. 
    • These are the brackets we mentioned earlier. They're super easy to install.
  3. Use pieces of half inch plywood to raise the rail off the table.
  4. Mark the center of the top rail and attach the center rail.
  5. Install a bottom rail, the same way you installed the top. 
    • It should end up about 2 feet from the bottom of the posts.
  6. Draw a line down the middle of the center rail and begin adding boards, using that line as a reference.
  7. Nail or screw the boards in the center rail and the post.
  8. Use 1" pieces of scrap to keep the spacing between your boards consistent.
  9. Cut 4 - 36" pieces of 2x4 and attach them on your top and bottom rails.
  10. Add the rest of your boards. 
    • Don't worry about the excess wood hanging off the sides yet.
  11.  Decide where you want the edges to be and snap a chalk line to mark the edge.
  12. Use a (skill) circular saw to cut off the excess material. 
    • You might need to create a custom piece and put it on top of the wall.
  13. Blow off all the saw dust and you're ready to install. 


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