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Top 5 Uses for Treated Lattice

Posted 22 January 2019 1:15 PM by Jase DeBoer

Lattice be your go-to guide for all your treated lumber tips, tricks and trends! See what we did there? On a more serious note, we’re taking a look at lattice and sharing our top uses for this timeless product. Lattice not only looks great as a piecrust, but it can also be a delightful addition as décor inside your home or as an outdoor solution. ProWood® offers a variety of lattice styles and sizes to complement your next project.

1. Privacy

We all need it. We all want some privacy, especially if you’re situated closer to neighbors than you’d prefer. Lattice can act as a barrier to all things you want kept at a distance.

Privacy Privacy

2. Keep Critters and Debris Away

Skirt your deck with lattice to help keep debris and unwanted critters from gathering under your deck space. Adding lattice will not block the airflow, ensuring good air circulation.

Keep Critters and Debris Away Keep Critters and Debris Away

3. Disguising Eye Sores

Since lattice has a decorative design, use it to hide things in your yard that may not be appealing to the eye such as trash bins or air conditioning units.

Disguising Eye Sores

4. Go Green

Use lattice to add natural elements to your outdoor space. Hang planters or plant vines that grow upwards such as morning glory or ivy. This will create a beautiful organic aesthetic to your space.

Go Green Go Green

5. Interior Wainscoting

Dress up any room in the home with lattice wainscoting. We especially like this look for a nursery or kids’ playroom. ProWood treated lattice is safe to use indoors and around children.

Interior Wainscoting

Lattice has many uses for homeowners, and it’s something that will continue to serve as a solution or natural aesthetic year after year. Timeless, classic and revolving are all words that describe this product. But most importantly, ProWood treated lattice can be described as versatile and durable.




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