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Is it safe to have a fire pit on my deck?

Posted 7 November 2018 1:16 PM by Jase DeBoer
Edited 07/17/2019

Hands warning up by fire pit.

The simple answer is yes, but there are safety precautions to keep in mind before lighting it.

1. Clear your deck of leaves and other debris that could possibly catch fire from flying embers.

2. Check with your local zoning ordinances to make sure your fire pit is a safe distance from your house. While checking local codes, look for rules related to open flames. Some counties have fire restrictions in residential areas.

3. Don’t place your fire pit directly on your deck. The bottom of the pit may generate enough heat to burn it. To protect your deck, place something between it and the fire pit such as a small grid of pavers or a special heat-resistant fire mat.

Seasonal Tips:

  • Summer time: Do NOT light fireworks on or near your outdoor wooden structures (deck, pergola, fence, etc.).
  • Fall time: When Thanksgiving rolls around, just know it's NEVER a good idea to fry a turkey on your deck. 

4. Be aware of the wind direction and flame height. Out-of-control flying embers could turn your summer camp fire into a much larger fire!

5. Always keep water nearby!

ProWood Tip: Do NOT burn pressure-treated lumber. Pressure treated means the wood has been infused with chemicals that should not be burned.

We want you to cherish  family and friends in the great outdoors while safely enjoying all your summertime favorites around the fire. After all, there's nothing like s'mores on a cool summer night. 




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