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Fighting the Elements

Posted 19 April 2018 9:27 PM by Jase DeBoer

Finding professional-grade treated lumber that is built to last can be difficult. Lumber's greatest enemy often comes from natural elements. These elements can range from termites, fungi and marine borers to rain, sun and wind.

However, thanks to over 50 years of research, ProWood® can stand up to every threat, providing decades of use. NEVER SETTLE for anything less.

We utilize a treatment method developed by Koppers that uses micronized copper preservatives. This helps protect ProWood against termite damage and fungal decay. Delivering better performance, better corrosion properties, and a fresh, more natural appearance.

What exactly are micronized copper preservatives?

  • A preservative system featuring an innovative technique in which copper is milled into submicronized particles.
  • The copper particles are then suspended, instead of dissolved, in the wood preservative solution used during the pressure-treatment process.
  • This eliminates the need for a solvent, which is required in other treatment methods.

We have also made it easy to identify which preservatives are used in our lumber and provided essential information regarding its end usage. Just take a look at the lumber end tag that is located on the end of each piece of ProWood pressure-treated lumber.

Understanding the End Tag

Each piece of ProWood lumber has a tag containing information regarding the preservative used, the appropriate end use (i.e. above-ground or ground contact), the quality standard and safe handling instructions.

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