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Check your Deck

Posted 11 May 2017 4:29 PM by Jase DeBoer

A thorough safety inspection can give you peace of mind in knowing your deck is safe for entertaining friends and family. ProWood® has you covered with these five safety inspection tips: 

Inspect the Fasteners 

  • Check nails, screws or anchors, and replace any rusted or corroded fasteners. 
  • Tighten loose screws, and install fasteners in places where they are missing. 

Examine the Wood 

  • Look for any deck boards, support posts, joists and ledger board that need to be removed due to rotting or splitting. 
  • If replacing structural boards or deck boards, make sure you consider the new standards for treated lumber. You may need Ground Contact/General Use treated lumber for applications. Learn more at

Rotted Deck

Railings and Balusters

  • Be sure to check for any loose or split railings or balusters, and tighten or replace if necessary. 
  • Check your local building codes to ensure your railing height and baluster spacing are to code. 


  • Survey the risers and stringers to make sure they are securely attached. 
  • Be sure the stair rails are sturdy. 
  • Keep your stairway clear of debris and objects, and even consider lighting. 


  • Clear your deck of any debris that could promote mildew. 
  • If there is mildew present, you’ll want to give your deck a good cleaning. We recommend applying a cleaner/brightener every one to three years, depending on appearance, followed by a coat of sealer to rejuvenate the color of the wood. If you decide to wait more than three years to perform your next cleaning, you may want to use a power washer as your first step in the cleaning process.

Power Washing

At ProWood, we want you to enjoy your deck to the fullest. Performing these five deck safety tips at least once a year will help maintain the safety and integrity of your deck. When it comes to deck safety, Never Settle.


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