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ProWood Garden Beds

Posted 20 July 2017 1:05 PM by Jase DeBoer

We are often asked if ProWood® pressure-treated lumber is safe for building garden beds. The answer is an emphatic “Yes,” and we want to provide you with the facts. 

The preservative used in the ProWood pressure-treatment process is registered with the US Environmental Protection Agency, specifically for the protection of wood products. Our MCA (micronized copper azole) treated products use a proven treatment process that earned Environmentally Preferred Product status from Scientific Certification Systems. Over the last several decades, the specific use of pressure-treated wood in raised bed gardens has been examined closely. The fundamental question is whether any meaningful amount of preservative can first migrate from the wood to the soil, then be picked up by the growing plant and find its way into the edible portions of the plant. The research showed that it simply did not happen. Still, if one wants to take extra steps, simply place a plastic barrier between the wood structure and the soil to eliminate the possibility of movement. 

Garden Bed

ProWood® Dura Color® is also safe to use for a garden bed. It's color-treated lumber that allows the unique, natural beauty of the wood to remain visible. It's the look you want without the work of staining.

Now that you have peace of mind knowing that ProWood can be used for your garden bed, check out our ProWood raised garden bed project plan and get to growing bountiful fruits and vegetables.


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