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Gordonsville, VA., Resident Wins ProWood® Desperate Deck Contest!

Posted 20 August 2014 8:49 PM by Universal Forest Products Web Team

ProWood Desperate Deck 2014 Winner


Amy Spoonhower will soon be the proud owner of a custom-built ProWood deck valued at $20,000

Amy Spoonhower and her fiancé took a leap of faith when they made an ambitious commitment to a foreclosure in Gordonsville, Virginia, in the rolling hills of the beautiful Virginia Piedmont. Deciding to give a moldy, leaky house a second chance at being owned and loved, they worked diligently for more than four years to restore it and make it a home again. As energy and budgets dwindled, however, a telltale sign of its former state of disrepair remained: its two ramshackle decks  -  if that's what they can be called.

But as the Grand Prize winners of ProWood's Desperate Deck Contest, this couple soon will be the envy of their charming southern town--in time for a glorious Virginia fall deck party. The contest invited people to submit their desperate deck photos and stories on Facebook for a chance to win a $20,000 custom-built deck made with ProWood professional-grade lumber from Universal Forest Products, the leader in pressure-treated lumber. Amy did. And her efforts will be rewarded.

“I’ve worked since I was 15 years old. I’ve earned everything I’ve ever had in my life that’s of any value—and I’m proud of that. Getting a gift like this feels a little … peculiar. I didn’t earn it or work for it so it’s a peculiar feeling, but a wonderful feeling,” Amy explained. “It’s a huge reward. I’m still kind of in shock. I was literally shaking for a whole day.”

Amy added, “As I think back over this whole journey, it’s the best! Buying a foreclosed home is an expensive option for a divorced mom and school teacher. All the essentials took precedence—and basically all of my budget. So this is truly unexpected: A gift I feel so incredibly fortunate to have been given.”

Thanks to Universal Forest Products and its ProWood brand of professional-grade lumber, Amy and her fiancé’s dreams are coming true. Her $20,000 custom ProWood deck will be built soon and construction updates will be posted online at, as well as on ProWood Lumber’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

“It’s a good feeling to award a custom-built ProWood deck to the best entry. I’m very happy and excited for Amy and her fiancé,” said Chris Fox, product manager for ProWood. “We’ll work with Amy, as well as her local ProWood dealer and deck builder, to design and build a custom deck that fits her needs. We’ll also let her add custom railing accessories such as post caps and balusters from Deckorators®. It’s going to be an exciting project, and we look forward to the reveal in a few months.”

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