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Desperate No More! Heather Foskey’s “Desperate Deck” Gets a Dream Makeover

Posted 22 November 2013 7:17 PM by [email protected]

ProWood Desperate Deck 2013 Winner Results

Heather Foskey can strike one item off her husband’s “honey-do list”: The family’s deck has been made shipshape, in a big way.

ProWood Desperate Deck 2013 Winner - before

If you remember, ProWood selected Heather as the winner of its 2013 Desperate Deck contest. In her entry, Heather wrote: 

“My husband is active-duty U.S. Navy and was stationed away from our home and two children for 15 months. He is deploying next year for at least nine months, which really limits his time for the ‘honey do list’ and proper maintenance of our home. Please help surprise him with the deck of our dreams!”

On November 16, dozens were on hand to officially cut the ribbon and christen the Foskey family’s new deck, which includes a fire pit, gazebo, arbor and other amenities. 

Heather Foskey & husband - 2013 Winner

“Our entire family absolutely loves the new deck!” said Heather. 

“Winning the Desperate Deck contest was a dream come true and has been a truly memorable experience. We have definitely become the envy of the neighborhood.” 

ProWood, Deckorators and CAMO Fasteners supplied materials for the deck, which was built by George Drummond of Casa Decks


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