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ProWood – A new standard for pressure treated lumber

Posted 7 March 2013 8:15 PM by [email protected]

Universal Forest Products touts its ProWood® brand of premium pressure-treated lumber as "Professional Grade." Why is ProWood better? ProWood is made with superior quality lumber that's consistently treated to the highest industry standards. ProWood pressure treated lumber is perfect for serious do-it-yourselfers and contractors, alike, and backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

ProWood Logo

ProWood is quality lumber treated with the world’s leading preservatives recognized for their enduring natures and environmental qualities, It will fill treated lumber needs for all users with the quality expected by the pros, including color-infused ProWood Dura Color™, kiln-dried lumber and sill plate products.

As the standard-bearer in the industry, Universal knows that not all pressure-treated wood is created equally, so Universal decided to demonstrate and promote the differences by offering a professional-grade product to consumers. Serious do-it-yourselfers are demanding professional-grade products, and ProWood fits the bill. 

ProWood is the exclusive brand for UFP's treated lumber and outdoor products that are backed with a lifetime limited warranty, from dimensional lumber and decking to finished products, like fencing. 

It’s the all-in-one solution for pro-level performance from pressure-treated wood.

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