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How to Stain and Seal Your Pressure Treated Wood Deck

Posted 21 January 2013 9:47 PM by [email protected]

Although ProWood pressure treated lumber protects against rot and termites, a little maintenance should to be performed to maximize protection against fading and weathering. This periodic maintenance will allow you to enjoy on your deck area for years.

Add color and water repellent

ProWood - How to stain and seal

Start by applying a topical sealant to your new project for surface protection. I do not recommend use of a conventional multi-coat paint system or varnish. The performance is nearly always disappointing and scraping and sanding and often must precede repainting. Instead, choose an outdoor wood sealer. 

Sealers may be applied to pressure-treated wood as soon as the surface no longer looks wet. The sealer offers a degree of water repellency and color to outdoor wood without forming a thick coating on the surface. It will also allow any remaining moisture to slowly leave wood after the coating has been applied. Wood sealers come in three versions: solid stains, semi-transparent and clear.

Solid Stains
It is recommended that “solid” wood sealers, which have more pigment, be used only on vertical projects such as fences and siding. If used on decking, weather and foot traffic will wear through the pigment unevenly. 

Semi-transparent Sealants 
This type of wood sealant is suitable for vertical or horizontal surfaces such as deck boards, rails, siding and playground equipment. There are several brands available in many colors.

Clear Sealants
This type of sealant has no pigment or color. It still offers some protection from the weather, although wood fading will occur more rapidly than color with sealants. Eventually, the wood will fade to gray, which may or may not be the look you desire.

I  recommend using wood sealers that contain an ultraviolet stabilizer. The stabilizer will not prevent eventual discoloration to a weathered gray appearance, but it will slow the process down. Whatever sealant you choose, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Tired of staining? Consider building a treated lumber deck with ProWood Dura Color™
ProWood Dura Color lumber is color-infused during the pressure-treating process. Pigment is driven deep into the wood fibers, creating beauty that's guaranteed to withstand the elements year after year. 

ProWood Dura Color Key Features:

For additional care and maintenance on treated lumber, visit the ProWood website


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