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Dura Colors' beauty outlasts cedar. And redwood. And (insert species here)…

Posted 11 August 2010 12:32 PM by [email protected]

You stand back and admire the beauty of the new wood fence you just put up. How long will that nice, warm wood glow last? Depending on where you live and the intensity of the weather cycles, not long. And not long might mean several months. 

Whether you stain a fence yourself—and for God’s sake, don’t paint it unless you like doing a bi-annual imitation of Huck Finn—or buy “pre-stained” pickets for your wood fencing, remember that the stain will likely fade faster than Clay Aiken’s career.

Some people prefer the weathered gray patina a wood fence acquires from exposure to the elements. For those who want to retain the rich color of freshly hewn fence pickets for years to come, there’s Dura Color. ProWood Dura Color is the only wood fencing product to carry a 2-year No Fade warranty, along with its limited lifetime warranty against rot and termites.

Dura Color uses an in-solution pigment (which means it’s part of the pressure treatment process, not an afterthought) that makes for more consistent coloring and better penetration than staining. Plus, the natural wood characteristics are still visible, not stained over. And, since Dura Color uses the ProWood Professional Grade preservative formulation technology, fasteners are not a concern—hot dipped galvanized or better work fine.

Fence board comparison between cedar & Microshades

Comparing cedar fence pickets to Michroshade for fading
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We watched for two years as a wood fence in Tomball, Texas (shown above) took all the punishment Texas summers can dish out. The pictures above show a very dramatic difference in weathering. On the right half of the photo is MicroShades and on the left is cedar fencing. The cedar fence is faded and some nail streaking has occurred already. The wood privacy fencing which uses MicroShades, by contrast, looks like it was put up yesterday.

And if sustained beauty doesn’t make you happy enough, you can take pleasure in knowing the process used to make the MicroShades formulation has won numerous green awards, including Environmentally Preferred Product status by Scientific Certification Systems, the National Association of Home Builders Green Product Award and certification from GreenGuard for Children and Schools.


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