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Use Pressure Treated Wood for Raised Garden Beds

Posted 24 June 2009 7:44 PM by [email protected]

Vegetable lovers are finding that a little more green in the pocket is worth a bit of toil in the soil. A good choice for many backyard growers is a raised garden bed. 

The perfect building material for raised beds is pressure treated lumber. It’s economical, easy to work and safe to use in gardening applications. The new micronized copper formulations, including ProWood Micro CA, use a treatment process that has earned Environmentally Preferred Product status from Scientific Certification Systems. 

This new formulation also has a lighter, fresher appearance compared to other formulations and is less corrosive to fasteners.  

 ProWood Raised Garden Beds
According to Becky Wern, Master Gardener with the Duvall County
Agricultural Extension Service and the University of Florida, today's pressure-treated lumber "is safe to use around children and animals and for gardens with edibles."

Don’t burn or compost pressure treated wood. Once you’re finished building the bed, your pressure treated wood scraps and sawdust can be land-filled along with ordinary household trash.


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