ProWood End Tag 2018

Understanding the End Tag

Each piece of ProWood® lumber carries an end tag which has the following essential information for any builder or do-it-yourselfer:

  • The preservative used
  • The appropriate end use (i.e., above ground or ground contact)
  • The quality standards it meets
  • Safe handling information

Look for the ProWood end tag.

ProWood End Tag 2018 with Number Call Outs

Meeting the highest quality standards.

ProWood's end tag shows which products are treated in accordance with ESR or AWPA standards and is in compliance with model building code requirements.

The International Code Council (ICC), which develops model building codes for use nationwide, requires wood product manufacturers to not only conduct in-house quality control measures but also subscribe to an independent inspection agency that verifies the wood has been treated in accordance with applicable standards. That's why the ProWood end tag refers to both the standard (e.g., ESR 2240, ESR 1980 and ESR 1721) and the third-party inspection (e.g., "Monitored by Timber Products Inspection").

The ICC-ES has deemed ProWood to be code-compliant with the details listed under the ESR 2240 (pdf – 309 KB) report.

MCA treated decking, lumber and timber is being treated to AWPA (American Wood Protection Association) standards for that purpose at UFP affiliated treating plants. AWPA is the wood treating industry’s consensus-based, standard setting body made up of industry experts, researchers, educators, users, and producers. AWPA specifies what may be treated with MCA to specific levels in specific use categories for specific end uses.

For an independent viewpoint on determining whether any treated wood is properly treated, see the USDA's Forest Products Laboratory TechLine on new wood treatments.

Ground Contact Standards