Fire Retardant

The safest choice for fire protection.

ProWood FR fire-retardant treated wood is code compliant and UL approved — its fire-retardant chemical is infused deep into the wood cells, not just the surface. This changes the chemistry of the wood, so when it heats up, it gives off water and carbon dioxide, which helps stop the spread of flames and fire growth.

This fire-retardant lumber is typically permitted for interior, above ground applications such as: roof systems, studs, flooring, joists, sill plates (when not in direct contact with the ground), blocking and furring, and other interior applications.

All ProWood FR brand fire-retardant treated wood has been tested at Underwriters Laboratories, receiving flame spread and smoke development ratings of 25 or less without evidence of significant progressive combustion when subjected to ASTM E84 surface-burning characteristics in 30-minute tests.