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To produce borate treated lumber products, lumber and plywood are treated with a borate solution to ensure deep penetration. Borates (naturally occurring mineral salts) are forced into lumber through a vacuum and pressure process, leaving the finished product protected against termites — particularly the Formosan termite — as well as rot and decay.

Borate treating has been recognized for its effectiveness by the ICC-ES (International Code Council Evaluation Service), the country's most authoritative evaluation service. Most products are backed with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Borate treated lumber is being treated to AWPA (American Wood Protection Association) standards for that purpose at UFP affiliated treating plants. AWPA is the wood treating industry’s consensus-based, standard setting body made up of industry experts, researchers, educators, users, and producers. AWPA specifies that lumber may be treated with borates to levels in specific use categories for specific end uses. UFP employs these rigorous standards, and utilizes third party inspection on all treatments for building code applications.