KDAT lumber bundles

Our Treating Chemicals

All across North America, UFP Industries' treating facilities are constantly perfecting methods for treating lumber to repel decay and termites while remaining environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals. Our three treatment methods include:

Micronized Copper Azole (MCA) – a wood preservative system that contains micronized copper and biocides that gives ProWood® long-lasting resistance to decay and termite attack.

Copper Azole type C (CA-C) – contains a copper-based preservative with a co-biocide and is an effective and widely used choice for pressure treated wood.

Borate – a solution that penetrates wood fibers, providing a powerful barrier against termites — even the Formosan termite — as well as rot and decay.

Fire retardant – our proprietary chemical is pressure-treated deep into the wood cells which changes the chemistry of the wood, so when it heats up, it gives off water and carbon dioxide, which helps stop the spread of flames and fire growth.