Facts About Micronized Copper

The facts behind a proven preservative.

Laboratory and field studies have verified the effectiveness of MCA (micronized copper azole) in protecting against rot, fungal decay and termites in above-ground and ground-contact applications.

ProWood® MCA treated lumber and products from UFP Industries use an innovative micronized copper solution from Koppers (formerly Osmose), a leading wood preservative supplier. Developed over six years of intensive research and development, the formula today is subjected to ongoing, rigorous testing in thousands of test stakes at industry-recognized field test site locations all over the world.

Koppers continually evaluates a variety of preservative formulations; more than a thousand micronized copper treated test stakes have been evaluated over the past several years. In addition, in accordance with AWPA Standard E7, independent ISO accredited testing agencies have conducted their own intensive testing of this preservative system.

The results have shown that the preservative used in ProWood MCA treated wood provides excellent protection against fungal decay and termite attack.

Koppers has provided detailed test data to the International Code Council Evaluation Service, Inc. (ICC-ES). Several of these tests results are published by ICC-ES (www.icc-es.org) for public review. Koppers has also provided detailed test data to the AWPA (American Wood Protection Association) for review in their standard setting process. AWPA used this data to set the levels at which to allow the preservative to be used for different end use applications. More detail can be obtained from AWPA direction at www.awpa.com.