ProWood Dura Color

Treated lumber never looked so good.

ProWood Dura Color® is the latest advancement in pressure-treated lumber. Not only is Dura Color treated with an EPA-registered waterborne wood preservative system to protect against termite attack and fungal decay, it’s also color-infused, so pigment is driven deep into the wood fibers, creating beauty that's guaranteed to stand up to the elements for years.

Beauty, function and durability.

There are many pressure-treated wood options on the market today, but only Dura Color combines the superior quality, long-lasting color and environmental advantages of ProWood® pressure-treated lumber.

Choose Dura Color pressure-treated lumber and put these benefits to work on your next project:

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Bring your projects to life.

ProWood Dura Color® doesn't use a topical finish or stain that quickly fades away. Dura Color lumber employs in-solution colorant that penetrates the wood during the pressure-treating process. Dura Color lumber features a natural tint that allows the wood's characteristics to remain visible.

ProWood color comparison
Color may vary by region.

The color of ProWood Dura Color products may vary depending on location, species of wood, age, grain pattern and heartwood content. ProWood Dura Color is available in select regions throughout the U.S.

With ProWood Dura Color pressure-treated lumber, fences, decks, railings, lattice and timbers look better longer. In fact, we’re so confident in its lasting performance, we offer the industry's first two-year color assurance limited warranty against fading.

When comparing color retention, Dura Color outlasts cedar and redwood, hands down. What’s more, depending on the area of the country you live in, Dura Color pressure-treated products are typically less expensive than cedar and redwood.

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