How desperate can a deck get?

That’s what we wanted to know when we launched our 2014 ProWood® Desperate Deck Contest in April. After learning that she won the contest, Amy wrote:

“As I think back over this whole journey, it’s the best! Buying a foreclosed home is an expensive option for a divorced mom and schoolteacher. All the essentials took precedence — and basically my entire budget. So this is truly unexpected. A gift I feel so incredibly fortunate to have been given.”

Now Amy will receive a new $20,000 custom-built deck made with ProWood lumber to enjoy with her fiancé and friends. View the "before" shots below.

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View the “Before” Shots

Aack! It would be too easy to step out the door and right off this too-short platform
A mildew close-up – just in case you wanted a better look!
Was there a railing shortage when this deck was built?
Hmmm, looks like a science experiment is happening here – what happens when algae and mildew collide?
Scram, squirrel. And don’t come back!
Having a deck planter is a good idea – but this is a good idea gone very, very bad

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